Deadstock Fabric

The deadstock fabric we use is excess, unused material from the fashion industry which will often end up in landfill or be incinerated (produces toxic emissions and greenhouse gas) instead of being utilised.

Made to Order

Choosing to produce made to order pieces greatly reduces any risk of overproduction and fashion waste.

Natural Fibre

We choose to use natural fibre fabrics (cotton, eucalyptus, linen, silk, etc) because they are;

- Biodegradable.

- Don't need to be washed as frequently (less long term impact on the ecosystem).

- More breathable and gentle on the skin.

- Naturally occurring, so the production of natural fibre is often less harmful to the environment (less chemicals, water usage and greenhouse gas emissions during production).

Zero Waste Pattern

Many of the patterns we make are zero waste. This means that there are no off cuts or wasted fabric during the cutting stage of production. All the scraps and trims that we do produce, are saved for future projects (pillow stuffing, clothing patches, etc).

Scrap Fabric/Leather

The scrap textile we use is sourced from off cuts and damaged areas that would usually be thrown away.

Ethical production

All pieces are handmade from home in Auckland, New Zealand. This means that Caitlin is paid a fair wage for her craftmanship and each item is ethically produced from start to finish.

Second Hand/Thrifted

We source our vintage/repurposed fabrics from local Opportunity Shops and Second Hand Market places (Trademe, Facebook Marketplace, etc.) so that we can give new life to the old.

Made to Last

Each piece is designed and constructed to last. This allows you to invest in a piece that can be worn again and again, reducing over consumption.